The tricky first update…

Here goes, first update of the blog…

A steady week all in, rounded off nicely with a long trip up north to see City beat Carlisle with a display that was far more dominant than the 0-1 scoreline suggests. Train trip back to London on the Sunday evening and back on the bike Monday night which felt good.

Bit of an accident on Wednesday night in the rain that seemed to envelop London for the day. Not entirely sure where I was I tried to get up on the pavement to consult the bus-stop map – front wheel hit the edge of the wet kerb at far too shallow an angle, ended up with a cut in my right hand and a bit of grazing / bruising elsewhere. Won’t be making the mistake of hopping up kerbs in the wet again! Other than that a good week though.

Have more or less decided to purchase myself a decent road bike now my commute’s a decent-ish length and after a bit of browsing of cycling forums during the week I’ve realised that Specialized have just released the Secteur for 2010. Have to admit the blurb did pique my interest…

‘Long rides feel short with the efficient, reliable and plush new Specialized Secteur…this Endurance Road bike will make you want to go the distance every day’

It sounds like it’d be ideal for a task such as LEJOG, and I quite like the idea of getting a comfier bike as opposed to an out and out race model. There’s a Specialized Concept Store out in Ruislip – I’ll be off there next Monday to see if I can get a test ride.

Might as well use this as a bit of a training log now as well I guess – eyes down, look in stat fans…

Mileage for Week (w/c 5th October) – 84 miles
Longest Daily Mileage – 30.42 miles


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