Rumours of my demise…

…have been greatly exaggerated! Apologies for the lack of updates since October but you know how it is when things get busy – I’ll try to keep the updates a little more regular now we’re into 2010.

Anyway, a quick summary of 2009…

The number of miles I managed in trips to the gym and work, as recorded in the Silly Commuter Stats table (kindly run by a poster on bikeradar),  totalled just over 1,200 miles – all of which done between July 21st and December 24th. Not a bad total but one I know I could have done better on. This year I’m aiming for a figure of at least 3,000 miles from my gym trips and commuting.

Since my return back from the Christmas break I’ve noticed a few more problems with the Marin. Not sure if it is actually wear and tear getting to it or just that I’m more or less settled on the fact I’m going to get myself a new one, but the gears are slipping a bit and the brakes definitely need a re-tune. Will probably end up getting it all sorted over the summer and have it ready as a winter hack come the latter months of this year.

Anyway, that’s 2009 out the way and a look forward to 2010 and my LEJOG attempt. I’ve pencilled in rough dates and put together a bare-bones plan – basically a two week stretch in the latter half of May which should give me a reasonable chance of decent weather and lack of midges in the Highlands!

I haven’t yet had a chance to try out the Specialized Secteur properly, although I did sit on one in Evans Cycles down in Chiswick last week. I will be looking to test ride one next Sunday and will hopefully enjoy it enough to purchase one – failing that I should have a road bike of some description to start practising by the close of play next Sunday on the recommendations of a member of staff there!

Right then, to finish here’s a quick update of stats for the first week proper of 2010…

Mileage for Week (w/e 10th January) – 70 miles
Longest Daily Mileage – 24 miles


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