One down, eleven to go if you believe TfL…

Transport for London issued a press release a few years back that claimed the average London cycle commuter is only likely to get wet on twelve occasions a year – well Thursday was the first of 2010, and boy did it rain!

I’ve got myself some waterproof socks and gloves but they couldn’t cope with the conditions, and certainly weren’t helped by the surface water that was coming up off the roads thanks to my wheels (I really should get some mudguards sorted). I think I must have wrung a good three or four pints of water out of my clothes once I got to work, London’s finest of course…filthy black!

To be honest cycling in the rain doesn’t really bother me. Having a dry set of clothes in the bag means I’m probably in a more comfortable state than most once I get to my desk – and I haven’t had to endure a journey in on a clammy Tube carriage or bus…give me the bike any day!

Not a lot else to report really. A nice solid week’s cycling all in all, with four out of my five commutes made by bike.

Right then, finish as always with the stats for the week…

Mileage for Week (w/e 17th January) – 82 miles
Longest Daily Mileage – 23 miles

Mileage for Year – 151 miles


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