So I went and had my fitting at The Bike Whisperer in Ealing today and I’m going to be yet another cyclist that’s going to be giving a good review of Scherrit and Corrine’s wonderful little business.

After an initial consultation to discuss my current cycling schedule and any future plans (what could they be…), a few questions to see if I had any particular issues at the moment with the fit of my bike and just a little chat in general before starting put me at ease and the one thing that I took out of the day was that it’s immediately apparant that they care not only about cycling as a whole but in particular, their customers.

With the fitting itself taking just over four hours I’m sure this review in my post won’t do it justice but it really was thorough; with stickers on my knees and Scherrit contorting himself to ridiculous positions to assess my pedalling my knee alignment and general technique was quickly altered for the better.

Five small wedges added to my cleats has added to the alignment solution and as an added bonus also stopped my heels brushing my cranks as I pedal (maybe I will invest in that Dura-Ace set-up in the future…!).

One problem I did suffer with on my London to Peterborough trip was an aching back which I thought could cause longer-term damage if it wasn’t addressed. Amazingly this was quickly addressed with an adjustment to the saddle positioning and the switching of my stem to a slightly shorter one. Uncomfortable feeling whilst on the hoods? Gone!

Finally, as a little Brucie Bonus, Corinne offered to give me a taping lesson so I had a quick tutorial as to how best re-do my tape in the future (and had some gel inserts placed underneath for that added comfort). White tape might suit the Bianchi but it doesn’t half show the dirt. The difference between the old and the new is staggering! 

Whilst all the work was done on the turbo in the workshop, the journey home was excellent with the bike feeling more comfortable and the niggles I’d noticed appearing over the last few weeks were no longer causing any problems.

Yes, I probably could have sorted out all the issues I was having myself but in short I’m a novice…it would, no doubt, have taken me ages and many cases of trial and error to try out all the different permutations.

It’s what Scherritt and Corrine do, they’re the professionals and they’ve seen it all before (and then some!) so what would have taken me days (or weeks) to sort, they’ve been able to get sorted in half a day.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending The Bike Whisperer’s service(s) to anybody. Incredibly patient and they really care about what they’re doing…top marks!


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