‘Super’ Cally goes ballistic, now staying in Loch Ness…

…apologies, couldn’t resist that headline!

Well, after re-visiting the inital route plan I’ve had to make some changes to it – mainly to make sure I’m ending each day in a spot with reasonable facilities and accommodation, but also to level out some of the imbalances of a short day followed by an abnormally long one.

The main changes are…

– a shorter first day and a stop now in St. Agnes rather than Newquay. This means my second day is longer, but I think it’ll be better to ease myself in rather than tire myself out on day one!

– a detour via Padstow on day two on the advice of someone who recommends Rick Stein’s fish and chips. Miss that opportunity at lunchtime?! I don’t think so!

– a stop off in Morecambe as opposed to Lancaster to get a chance to go and see that statue and compare Mr. Stein’s efforts to some ‘proper’ seaside fish and chips!

– rather than go for a silly long day on day ten and end in Inverness, I’m now stopping at the Loch Ness SYHA. It looks like an excellent stop and also means I’m not doing the day of over one hundred miles until my penultimate journey; in theory that should be a bit better…

So…that’s that planned (and available to see in daily chunks on The Plan page). I am going to prepare some ‘prompt cards’ with a turn-by-turn listing and also a slimmed down version of the map for the day so that should the GPS fail for whatever reason I’m not going to just be left to guesswork.

Otherwise it’s all ready to go onto the Garmin Vista HCx. That’ll take a little while, but once that’s in I’m as prepared as I can be in regards to the route…



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