One week and counting…

…well that’s come round quick, hasn’t it?! Not long until the journey proper starts and I’ve been getting all the final bits of preparation sorted in the last week or so.

All the kit I’m going to need has now been bought, including some nice lightweight clothes for evening wear – I have a feeling my days are going to end with arriving at the place I’m staying, eating and sleeping but it’ll be nice to have something other than the cycling gear to change into should I feel like a wander or something.

In terms of actual cycling, a busy week at work has meant I haven’t been able to get any longer cycles in before heading to the office in the morning which was my original plan. Whilst not ideal, I’m hoping it won’t be too much of a hindrance in the long run and perhaps it may actually do me some good instead of cramming in miles on top of what was an already busy week.

My aim for the week ahead is to make sure I get some decent night’s sleep in so that I’m sure I’m as refreshed as I can be getting off that train at 08.00 on Saturday 15th May. Tick tock, tick tock…


5 Responses to “One week and counting…”

  1. Julie Mangum Says:

    Good luck, Anthony: There are a group of 11 cyclists (including my husband) who will be doing LeJoG from Saturday. We live in deepest, darkest Essex, so they are heading to Cornwall on Friday and will start, like you, on Saturday morning. You may well be seeing them en route but only if you are following the same route (I know there are several ways of doing LeJoG). They are staying mainly in Youth Hostels in England and more B&Bs when they reach Scotland. Keith (Mr M) and me saw Mark Beaumont in Felixstowe last night. What an amazing guy with an incredible story – and such a down to earth way of talking and explaining what he has achieved. The cycle club are Coggeshall Randonneurs and they will be wearing bright yellow and red tops, weather permitting. Hoping all goes well and I’ll ask them to look out for you! Best wishes Julie

  2. Julie Mangum Says:

    Sorry, Antony: The least I could do is spell your name right! Best wishes Julie

  3. Billy AKA Action Geek Says:

    Hey just found your blog via your Twitter link and wanted to say good luck. I did JOGLE (other way around) solo back in 2003, was a great trip but hope you have better luck with the weather – I did it in May also and it rained almost every day!

    Anyway, good luck and enjoy!


  4. Tony Clarkson Says:

    I came across your blog through twitter too, through Mark Beaumont’s page. Saw him on Friday in Shropshire and it made me even more keen to go on the ride I’m set for.

    I’m taking part with a friend of mine in one of the London to Paris charity rides this summer, it’s a 24 hour version so nowhere near as heavy-going or as far as your ride, but reading your blog and seeing Mark Beaumont’s show has got us all fired up and looking forward to ours even more.

    Good luck, I hope it all goes to plan for you! I picked up a couple of ideas from your kit list, so thanks for that.


  5. Antony Last Says:

    Thanks for the comments, nice to know there’s ‘randoms’ out there that are interested in the trip!

    Julie – Best wishes to Keith, I’ll keep a look-out for a red and yellow peleton!

    Billy – I do have a feeling it’s going to be wet. But better to think that and be suprised I reckon rather than expect a heatwave and be bitterly disappointed…

    Tom – I agree, Mark’s talk is certainly inspiring. Good luck with the London to Paris…looks like a great ride

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