Re-Kindling the Memories…

Apologies for adding yet another post after my epilogue (and so late on afterwards too!), but aside from setting and completing challenges such as the LEJOG documented on these pages there is one ambition that I have harboured for longer than I can remember.

That ambition is to see my name appear upon the cover of a published book as an author. Now, thanks to the way technology has advanced, I have been able to see my dream come to fruition…

…I’ve only gone and published this blog! Admittedly, it’s only thanks to Amazon’s wonderful Kindle Direct Publishing facility but it does mean that my words are now available to anybody that has in their possession a Kindle! To see my name up there in Amazon’s ‘Best Sellers in Cycling’ chart alongside some famous names within cycling such as Lance Armstrong, Sir Chris Hoy and Mark Beaumont is humbling to say the least…but it does also fill me with a great sense of pride (aww, shucks!).

If anybody reading this does indeed have a Kindle and would like to purchase One Man and LEJOG to read upon it, you can do so on Amazon UK’s Kindle Store where it is currently available at £1.71. If you have already purchased it, thank you!

And finally…there may of course those of you that may well be wondering if it will ever be available as a physical copy (complete with photos and accompanying route maps)? Watch this space…!

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