About Me

First of all I’d just like to say however you’ve found your way to this site I hope it offers a bit of an interesting read, or perhaps a bit of advice if you yourself are planning on taking on LEJOG. If neither of those then hopefully it’s at least a mildly entertaining distraction from whatever it was you were doing. Anyway, I digress. A bit about me…

So, yeah…I’m pretty much your standard twenty eight year-old Londoner I guess. I like my football, I like my beer and in the last couple of years I’ve decided that life’s about more than simply earning more than the next person – it’s what you make of it that counts*.

I ran the London Marathon in 2008 and got round in just under five and a half hours – not the fastest time ever and I’d like to beat it at some point, but having been rejected in the ballot for the last two years I thought it was time to set myself another challenge. I’ve always quite fancied the idea of a long-distance cycle tour and after reading a bit about LEJOG I thought ‘that’s for me’ – the blog’s in place to more or less commit myself to it, along with offering a tool to note down my thoughts and experiences before, during and after the experience that I can look back on or others can use to plan their own cycling tours.

My general motivation for taking this on is purely self-indulgent if I’m honest. I want to prove to myself that I can take on, get through and complete these challenges to say ‘I’ve done that’. I do realise, however, that putting myself through such a task does offer an opportunity to help others and if you are interested in sponsoring me in any way, shape or form then I’m sure my chosen charity, The Stroke Association, certainly won’t refuse your donation. Please view the Support Me page to find out more.

That’s pretty much it for now. Any questions, please ask!

* Thought of the blog: Life’s a 4,000 week holiday. Don’t waste it…

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8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Karen Says:

    So glad to see you are going to accomplish something that you have trained so hard for. An interesting challenge that you have set for yourself. Will be following your progress. Hope that you meet with great success, both personally and for the charity you are supporting.
    Life should always be about raising yourself above expectations and exploring new ways to discover those essential things that make you unique.
    Not a very ‘standard’ 28 year old Londoner thing to do really 🙂
    a Canadian follower of your journey

  2. Antony Last Says:

    Thank you Karen, much appreciated

  3. Charlotte Says:

    Hi Anthony

    I agree with Karen…not all 28 yr old Londoners do what you’re doing!

    Have you a Twitter or Facebook account that you are spreading the word through?

    We noticed you’d bought a 10 litre back pack from us and our Google alerts informed us of what you were doing!

    Fun times and get in touch as we’re more than happy to ‘Tweet’ about your adventures!


  4. George Says:

    Got here from the bikeradar site Antony. Very impressed with your LEJOG efforts, thank you for writing it up.


  5. Ellis Says:

    Hey hey!

    How’s the bike after that little ride from our little chester shop to the top of the COUNTRY?

    Hope everything went ok and all’s good now.

    Did you recover ok?

  6. Ben Says:

    Hi – for me this is probably one of the best LeJog sites and really appreciate the effort you went to. I am looking to do similar this May/June. Your route is pretty much what I want to do; naturally I would like to steal your routes for myself but am woefully bad at using biketoaster, I cant work out how to download the courses in to anything that I can transfer on to my garmin 800. Is there anything you can do to help me? happy to make a donation in return for the files…

  7. Lilias Weisz Says:

    My husband is cycling LEJOG as I write and I have your book on my bedside table so that I can chronicle his every move. He called yesterday to ask me to thank you for including cable ties in your kit. They came in extremely handy when his fellow biker had his pannier fall apart when they came off the train. Thanks for a great book!

  8. Peter Gettins Says:

    I know this is a fairly old blog now, but I just bought & read your book yesterday, with a view of doing the same thing myself. It was very informative and entertaining. A great book.

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