The Cost

There are a fair number of blogs and accounts of LEJOG journeys available on the Internet; a miscellany of maps, meanders and mishaps, yet not one offered even a rough idea as to how much the journey cost the traveller(s). It’s for this reason that I decided before heading off to make a note of every penny I spent whilst on the road and I hope that the fact that I have done so does offer anybody planning a similar sort of trip a bit of insight as to the sort of costs they can expect.

I secured myself the cheapest train tickets possible for the journeys I wanted to make; the Aberdeen to London Kings Cross train being an absolute steal. I could have travelled during the day down to Lands End reducing that cost, but thought a sleeper service would offer me a decent night’s sleep. In hindsight that was a mistake!

Obviously, undertaking this trip as a solo journey does make it a little more expensive – not having a support vehicle means you’ll be carrying your own bits and pieces so there’s no chance to buy in bulk. I’m pretty sure this is why the amount of money I spent on food and drink is as high as it is. I ended up spending c.£16.50 per day and I’m confident this could have been at least halved had I had a support vehicle which could have been loaded with meals and distributed them as and when they were necessary, also lightening my load.

Added on top of that is the fact that occupancy rates in any establishment are weighted in favour of those that aren’t travelling alone (understandably) and it’s not long until you see the costs start to creep, although I think the average of c.£22.50 per night isn’t bad considering I had a roof to sleep under each night as opposed to a tent! Half of my accommodation costs also included breakfast the next morning which was a good way to start to the day.

I was unlucky with the repairs needed en route, but otherwise feel I did alright. in terms of how much I spent over the two weeks. I haven’t included costs incurred whilst in the Orkney Islands as this was more of a ‘holiday within a holiday’ for me and not really part of my LEJOG.


£74.00 – London to Penzance (Sleeper Train)
£13.00 – Gills Bay to St Margarets Hope (Ferry)
£5.00 – Kirkwall Town to Kirkwall Port (Taxi)
£21.70 – Kirkwall to Aberdeen (Ferry)
£15.00 – Aberdeen to London (Train)

£128.70 – Total Travel


£27.50 – Penkerris B&B (St. Agnes)
£15.50 – Westward Ho! YHA (Westward Ho!)
£25.00 – Admiral Blake Guest House (Bridgwater)
£27.50 – Holly Tree Guest House (Hereford)
£25.00 – Chester Backpackers (Chester)
£28.00 – The Westleigh Hotel (Morecambe)
£25.00 – Arkale Lodge (Carlisle)
£21.00 – Caledonian Backpackers (Edinburgh)
£20.50 – Crianlarich SYHA (Crianlarich)
£19.00 – Loch Ness SYHA (Loch Ness)
£18.50 – Tongue SYHA (Tongue)
£19.00 – John O’Groats SYHA (John O’Groats)

£271.50 – Total Accommodation

Food and Drink

£200.09 – Food and Drink

£200.09 – Total Food and Drink


£374.95 – Bike Repairs
£4.65 – Medical Supplies
£5.24 – Postage Costs to send Carradice(s) home
£9.95 – Finish Photo
£1.32 – Change Sacrificed (nightly)

£396.11 – Total Miscellaneous


TOTAL COST…..£996.40


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