The Food

In a similar vein to Appendix II: The Cost, I was also keen to see quite how much food and drink that I got through during the twelve days.

At the same time as noting down how much everything was costing I also made sure I kept a record of what it was I was purchasing and, if relevant, consuming.

Whilst I fully appreciate it’s not the healthiest of diets, it got me from one end of the country without any incidents in terms of food intake or lack of it.  It is perhaps unsurprising, however, after seeing this list to hear that I only lost around 1kg (2.2lbs) during the twelve days, despite pedalling my way over one thousand miles – it’s certainly not a diet of a professional athlete!

It should also be noted that this record is only taken from the moment I crossed the start line on Saturday 15th May 2010 up to and including the moment I crossed the finish line on Wednesday 26th May 2010.

In numerical and then alphabetical order

29 x Brownies / Buns / Cakes / Muffins (Made up of;    4 Cakes, 1 Chelsea Bun, 4 Currant Buns, 1 Chocolate Brownie, 1 Chocolate Muffin, 5 Flapjacks, 1 Havva Cake, 5 Jaffa Cake Bars, 6 Shortbread packets and 1 Sponge Cake)

28 x Snickers

10 x Packets of Sweets or Gum (Made up of;    3 packs of Chewing Gum, 2 packs of Foamy Bananas, 2 packs of Haribo,
2 KitKat Chunky and 1 pack of Maltesers)

9 x Doughnuts

8 x Rolls or Sandwiches (Made up of;    1 BLT, 1 Brunch Triple, 1 Chicken and Mayo, 2 Chicken and Stuffing, 1 Chicken and Sweetcorn, 1 Ham and Salad and 1 Tuna)

3 x Ice Creams (Made up of;    2 Magnums and 1 Snickers)

3 x Pizzas

3 x Soreen (Made up of;    2 loaves and 1 Snack Pack)

2 x Apple Pie and Custard

2 x Full English Fry-Ups

2 x Mule Bars

2 x Packets of Crisps

2 x Steak Slices

1 x Cheeseburger and Chips

1 x Chicken Pasta

1 x Chips

1 x Cod and Chips

1 x Steak & Kidney Pie, Chips and Peas

1 x Venison Burger and Chips

plus, one pack of frozen vegetables for the knee!


27 x bottles of Coca-Cola

26 x bottles of Milkshake

3 x bottles of Lucozade Sport

3 x bottles of Orange Juice

1 x bottle of Oasis Orange

plus, the obligatory one cup of tea!

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